Echodyne Receives FCC Authorization For EchoShield Radar 

The FCC Authorized EchoShield radar to be used non-experimentally in intelligent searching and tracking of objects with angular accuracy.


Echodyne EchoShield Radar
Echodyne EchoShield Radar

Echodyne revealed it has received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Authorization for its EchoShield radar. The FCC Authorization allows EchoShield to be used for non-experimental purposes. Echodyne’s software-defined, multi-mission, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) radars are used for situational awareness by Defense, Government, and Critical Infrastructure customers, and as a navigational sensor by Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) markets.

Echodyne’s radars are built on patented Metamaterials Electronic Scanning Array (MESA) technology that lower costs for its electronically scanned array (ESA) radar, the gold standard for operational excellence, and creates solutions for mission-critical security applications, such as Counter-UAS. 

A medium-range, software-defined, pulse-Doppler, cognitive 4D radar, EchoShield intelligently searches a large, customizable Field of View (FoV) and tracks objects of interest with highly precise angular accuracy. Utilizing cognitive radar concepts to combine different waveforms, beam schedules, and other resources into user selectable mission sets, the radar tailors its performance to user, location, and mission requirements. 

Key features include: 
  • Data-Fidelity: Data fidelity is increasingly important for detecting and identifying dynamic, inexpensive, and readily available off-the-shelf drones. Tracking objects with reliably precise angular accuracy in both azimuth and elevation, EchoShield easily manages complex scenes, achieves a tight lock on the drone intruder, and directs other sensors and effectors with stunning accuracy.
  • Seamless Integration: To ease integration into systems of systems, EchoShield radars utilize industry-standard TCP/IP over Gigabit Ethernet with multiple rich-data output options and a suite of software tools to assist integration activities. 
  • Multimodal: By design, Echodyne radars have the lowest size, weight, and power (SWaP) relative to performance of any comparable radar. EchoShield is designed to meet Fixed, Portable, and On-the-Move (OTM) requirements. 

EchoShield is a core piece of a software-enhanced radar architecture, utilizing both on-radar software (firmware) and off-radar software to create high-fidelity situational awareness that ensures mission safety and success. The FCC Identifier for EchoShield is 2ANLB-MESA00054 and includes both FCC Part 87 and Part 90 authorizations.

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