FM Certified Dry Floodproofing

ILC Dover’s Side Deployed Flex-Wall® 2510 can withstand a 6' water level

ILC Dover, a leader in innovative flexible containment solutions, has received certification from Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals for its Side Deployed Flex-Wall® 2510. This flood mitigation system protects facility openings from flood damage through the use of flexible fabrics and webbings. Using patented technology, it is approved to a water height of 6’—80% higher than any other dry floodproofing product on the market.dry floodproofing

“This FM Approval is an important milestone for our dry floodproofing business,” said Brad Walters, ILC Dover Vice President/General Manager. “ILC Dover’s flood mitigation products have had proven success in New York City protecting subway entrances and other critical infrastructure. Our customers have already benefited from the rapid deployment attributes by being able to wait until the last minute to utilize our solution to optimize their operational up-time.”

The Side Deployed Flex-Wall 2510 has been tested and approved to the ANSI/FM 2510 American National Standard for Flood Abatement Equipment for Openings. The FM Approved product represents three milestones in dry floodproofing. These include:

  • The first deployable system approved across a range of design flood elevations (DFEs) to 6′ of water height.
  • The first and only flexible membrane and webbing structure to be FM approved for openings.
  • The first deployable dry floodproofing system approved at these water heights in a range of widths up to 21′ with no need for center posts.

The Side Deployed Flex-Wall 2510 includes a high-strength fabric wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection. The system is stored in a container at the point of use so that all materials and components are available when needed. Sealing is achieved via clamping to the opening walls and the ground. Connection at the opposite end of the opening is accomplished by bolting an integral Structural End Bar and a Vertical Clamp Bar to a preinstalled Receiver. All operations are manual in case of power outage using standard hand tools. The Flex-Wall 2510 is simple to operate and can be deployed or stowed by two people.

The flood protection system is qualified for a range of Design Flood Elevations and across varying width openings, all without posts across the span. It provides seepage protection to 0.08 gallons per hour per linear foot of seal and can be configured to cover doorways, storefront windows, vehicular entrances, elevators, and other typical and non-typical openings. This patented technology can be utilized to protect against flood waters at critical infrastructure sites that create and transmit power such as healthcare facilities, water treatment facilities, and locations that support air, rail, and road transportation.

“If recent flooding has taught us anything, it’s that we must continue to identify flood risk, communicate that risk to the public, and to implement those tools and certified flood barrier products, such as the ILC Dover Flex-Wall 2510, which can be used in certain circumstances to eliminate the damages due to flooding,” said Randall L Behm PE, CFM Chair, USACE National Nonstructural Committee USACE-Omaha.