Four Tips To Create A Pet-Friendly Workplace

If you’re considering welcoming employees’ furry friends to the office, here are some ideas for making them feel right at home.

Nearly one in five American households adopted a dog or cat in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a 2021 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals survey. This accounts for approximately 23 million American households, based on the 2019 U.S. Census. Many consider these pets more than just members of the family, so they’d also like their furry friends to join them in the workplace.

Pets in the workplace
(Photo: Adobe Stock by zelda)

In a Mars Petcare survey, two-thirds of U.S. dog owners said they would bring their pets to work if allowed. More than half said that bringing their dogs to work would encourage them to take breaks (55%) and foster more social interaction in the workplace (52%), and 89% said it’s important for them to continue spending time with pets during the workday.

The pets-in-the workplace trend isn’t limited to the U.S.: It’s now being tested in Japan. This summer, Fujitsu opened an experimental “dog office” that will operate on a trial basis through the end of the year at its facility in Kawasaki, according to Reuters. The tech giant’s dog office is separated from standard working areas, includes workstations for three employees and up to six dogs at a time, and features stain-proof carpets and a range of pet supplies.

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Mars Petcare’s U.S. headquarters in Franklin, TN — dubbed the “Pet-Friendly Workplace of the Future” — features a WiFi-enabled dog park, pet-friendly fabric on the furniture, and indoor play areas with full-time pet sitters. In the infographic below, the company shares tips that can help you make your facility a more pet-friendly workplace.

Pets in the workplace