Free Barrier Compliance Analysis from Delta Scientific

Delta Scientific announced that they will provide “Free Barrier Compliance Analysis” to help their vehicle access equipment meet current standards. From June 1 until September 30, 2016, users of any Delta bollard, barrier, barricade, or crash gate will be entitled to this examination, no matter when their products were installed.

vehicle accessThe company has noted that, after years of use providing access to thousands of authorized cars entering restricted areas, many customers are concerned whether their vehicle access equipment is up to the latest standards. Delta can provide a comprehensive compliance analysis at the request of the customer.

“In addition, the expert will also review any Delta products to find out if they are in need of parts or servicing,” assures Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific vice president of sales and marketing. “As many customers know, we provide spare parts and servicing directly from Delta in an effort to assure that Delta products have the most current access control technology and safety features and continue to meet the crash rating certification for which they were bought. Only in that way can we assure that the device meets the compliance today that it met on the day it was installed.”

Systems that have been neglected due to lack of maintenance funding should be evaluated. Some units have been in the ground for more than 30 years so it makes sense to have the equipment inspected. In other cases, the Military Sequence of Events requirement has changed. For instance, the Air Force upgrade for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) calls for new safety features. Many sites are looking to upgrade controls to touch screen technology.

“Customers can and should call for tech support even if their systems are out of warranty,” Hamm adds.

To obtain a “Free Barrier Compliance Analysis,” customers can call their Delta Scientific representative or e-mail