ICONICS Free Remote Expert Assistance Software

ICONICS offers free use of its CFSWorX™ Remote Assistance Solution for companies to address the travel and social distancing issues related to COVID-19

ICONICS, a provider of visualization, artificial intelligence-based connected worker software for manufacturing, industrial, and smart building applications, announced the free use of its CFSWorX Connected Field Worker and Remote Expert collaboration product for the remainder of 2020. This is to help companies address the growing workforce and supply chain disruption created by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.remote expert

As COVID-19 continues to spread across North America, the CDC has suggested that businesses implement remote work policies and travel restrictions to help slow the spread of the virus. The situation has become more troublesome over the past few weeks, and many companies are looking for ways to help limit business disruptions while keeping the health of employees a top priority.

“COVID-19 is impacting the lives of people all around the world,” said Russ Agrusa, founder and CEO of ICONICS, “and is forcing a change in the way we socialize and work. At ICONICS, the health and safety of our employees, as well as the employees of our customers, system integrators, and partners is the company’s top priority. Therefore, in response to the current situation and what has transpired since the emergence of COVID-19, ICONICS is offering its advanced Remote Expert feature through its CFSWorX software at no cost through the end of 2020. This is part of our broader effort to help the many businesses affected by the sudden increase in work-from-home policies and travel restrictions resulting from the global outbreak of the virus. We hope to curb the predicted impact this virus will have on industrial companies and will remain steadfast in our commitment to serving the industry we call home.”

During this challenging time, video-conferencing, chat, and dispatching of remote experts to resolve issues and provide support and collaboration will be more important than ever in keeping employees safe while also enabling workers to continue operating their businesses. ICONICS’ Connected Field Worker solution with its integrated Remote Expert assistance feature helps to minimize the negative impact that COVID-19 is having on businesses by providing a remote collaboration and support solution that can be adopted in less than 60 minutes. This allows workers, technicians, and customers to get the support they need to do their jobs without compromising health, safety, or productivity.

Companies that sign up will have free use of CFSWorX for the remainder of 2020, and will have access to the following features:

  • Guide your field technicians and customers with live annotations for enhanced collaboration.
  • Stream live video and audio to remote experts to improve issue resolution and remote knowledge sharing.
  • Support remote users on their existing devices as well as AR-enabled wearable devices.

For more information on ICONICS’ Connected Field Service solution with Remote Expert assistance, or to register interest for this free trial, contact marketing@iconics.com.

The CFSWorX Connected Field Service software solution is part of ICONICS’ AnalytiX® data analytics suite.
This advanced field worker notification solution helps streamline the efficiency of field service organizations through intelligent scheduling and reliable notifications. The software provides real-time monitoring of connected equipment, whether that be on-premises or via the Internet of Things. Real-time connections can be used for equipment monitoring, including OPC UA, Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, and much more.

Alarms and faults are handled by CFSWorX and when any configured equipment goes into an alarm or fault state, CFSWorX uses intelligent algorithms and a customizable weighted scoring system to determine which field worker is best for the maintenance task, and then sends a notification to the field worker’s mobile device for immediate action. The weighted scoring system is fully customizable, and can consider factors such as workers’ schedule, availability, skill level, and responsible assets or areas. It can also consider information from the worker’s device, such as their battery life, current GPS location, signal strength, and mobile presence (whether they are active in the app or not).

CFSWorX leverages ICONICS AlertWorX™ technology to send notifications to technicians. Alerts can be delivered via e-mail, SMS, or through ICONICS MobileHMI™ app via push notification. When the technician receives the alert, he or she can reply to the message or use the mobile app to either accept responsibility, reject the alert, or report as “busy” and pass the alert to the next person. Within the CFSWorX app, technicians can view and acknowledge the current alarms.