Impact’s Barricade For Restroom Odor Control

Holistic solutions for a more positive washroom experience

Barricade™ from Impact Products LLC is a restroom odor control solution comprised of four products—the Barricade Hygiene Screen, Fragrance Stix™, Press-On Urinal and Hand Dryer Mats, and 30-Day Timer Cards. A free software application is included to assist with deployment and change-out compliance.

restroom odor control“Restrooms that look and smell clean contribute to an overall positive user experience,” said Jeff Gayer, director of product development, Impact. “In fact, restrooms reflect the quality of service provided throughout a business. So if, for example, a restaurant restroom is perceived as dirty, how might the kitchen look or smell?”

The qualitative research study conducted by Impact found a major cause of most public restroom odor is uric acid splashing on floors, walls, and partitions.

“Odor control is not just about masking a foul odor with a pleasant one, it’s about preventing odors caused by urine splatter from ever occurring,” said Gayer.

restroom odor controlThe Barricade Hygiene Screen is a plastic screen that helps prevent 99% of splash-back from urinals. By limiting urine splash, the screen keeps uric acid from damaging partitions, floors, and fixtures. It also helps keep clothes and shoes clean to prevent the spread of the odor-causing bacteria. The Barricade Hygiene Screen allows for easy cleaning, front and back, with traditional disinfectants—therefore reducing labor and reducing product replacement cost, versus conventional screens. It is available in two sizes (small and large), fits 90% of all urinal designs, and lasts up to 6,000 flushes (approximately three months).

Barricade Press-on Mats add another line of defense for a healthier and safer restroom environment. Tile grout is not only hard to clean but can also retain unpleasant odors. Whether it is urine or water splash, both can cause tile and grout to discolor and floors to become slippery. These Urinal and Hand Dryer Mats are designed to absorb 16 ounces of fluid, reducing the danger of slipping, preserving the integrity of floors and grouting, and minimizing the tracking of odor-causing uric acid throughout a facility. Barricade Press-on Mats are made in two shapes for use at urinals and under and around hand-drying areas with an adhesive backing that holds firmly in place. They offer protection up to 30 days, can be mopped, and remove without residue.

Barricade Fragrance Stix feature a self-contained fragrance system so there are no sprays or liquids that can coat surfaces. This solid-state polymeric diffusion system is available two lengths (12″ and 4″) and in 11 scents (e.g.,restroom odor control Mahogany Lodge, Tempest Blue Sea, Moroccan Dust, Orchids of Oahu) that address male, female, and unisex facilities. Low VOC (no asthmagens or phenols), non-toxic, and recyclable, they generate the right amount of fragrance where it’s needed and last 30 days. Two of the fragrances (Essence of Everest and Breezes of Big Sky) feature olfactory disruption technology: the fragrance formula effectively reconfigures the interpretation of the malodor. Olfactory disruption fragrances are recommended for areas where secondary odors are generated (e.g., baby changing stations, refuse cans used for diaper disposal, and bins used for the disposal of feminine hygiene products). Barricade Fragrance Stix are mounted on narrow hidden adhesive brackets for restroom odor control.

restroom odor controlFragrance Stix and urinal/hand-dryer mats deployed to combat smells for restroom odor control must be changed out on a regular 30-day schedule. The 30-day Timer Card is included with the Barricade system and is a push-button product change-out reminder tool. It can be hung on a cart or behind a supply room door, and visually indicates the time progression toward the end of the 30-day cycle.

Impact also offers a free software program that helps you determine how much fragrance you need and the optimal placement in each area. In order to achieve optimal coverage and realize the full potential of this holistic system, Impact has developed, in tandem with Fragrance Stix, a software program (available free to users) that enables the facility manager/janitorial staff to understand where and how much fragrance should be deployed in each zone for restroom odor control. By entering information on traffic, fixtures, cubic footage, cleaning frequency, and scent level desired, the Odor Genie software ( will output the number and type of products required to achieve desired results. The Odor Genie also covers the best practice deployment of each product included in “Barricade – Your Odor Defense System.”