Indiana Furniture Expands Table Series

The expanded table options by Indiana Furniture bring game-changing solutions for today’s evolving workspaces.

tableIndiana Furniture announced an expansion of its portfolio with two new tables series, two new seating lines, and over a dozen new surface materials—all of which provide the style and flexibility to integrate with each other to provide a comprehensive solution for evolving spaces.

Indiana Furniture’s new Catalyst Tables blend desired aesthetics, functionality, and technology to deliver effective options for all types of meeting needs and spaces. The line boasts a broad selection of veneers, laminates, and glass, a variety of top shapes, a vast range of sizes spanning from 30”D to 60”D and 30”W to 240”W, integrated power/data, and a variety of heights. However, the real beauty is in the mix of veneer, laminate, and metal base options. The veneer and laminate bases feature a built-in trough, smart wire management, and accent elements to enhance the overall style. The design versatility feels nearly endless.

Designed with minimalist lines and angles, Strut Tables establishes modern versatility for any work environment. Strut offers work surface height tables in a variety of top shapes across a broad range of sizes from 42”x42” to 60”x240”, and everything in between. Select from a vast range of veneer finishes, laminate colors, and glass options, then add functionality through power/data ports and storage pieces. The legs, available in aluminum or black, feature integrated wire management to easily route power and data cables to the floor.

Meet the new Rockstar Roadie and Rockstar Headliner task chairs. Rockstar Roadie brings you a slim design with big comfort, while Rockstar Headliner steals the show with an ultra-thick, sink-into-it design perfect for individual workspaces, meeting rooms, and more.

When it comes to healthcare spaces, it’s about creating comfort. Gleem+ does just that. This recently introduced wood seating line ensures comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning to meet the demands of healthcare facilities. Gleem+ provides an array of high capacity and bariatric models to offer solutions for a diverse range of users up to 400 and 600lbs.

Choose from a variety of single seat, two- and three-seat tandem, bariatric, patient, and easy access models to configure the perfect space. Add optional arm caps to protect the finish and extend the look and function. And with a broad spectrum of graded-in and contract fabric, vinyl, and leather, it’s effortless to create a seamless look without sacrificing function or comfort, providing a thoughtful and inviting experience across entire floors, wings, and facilities.

Eight new laminates and four new veneer finishes, along with coordinating seating finishes, will join the already vast materials program. The result is a holistic palette inspired by nature. A relevant light-to-dark spectrum that adds to the beauty of any environment and features low-emitting finish systems to meet indoor air quality standards which support sustainable initiatives in the workplace. From the depth of the veneers and laminates to the enduring metal, stone, and patterned acrylics, their comprehensive program was thoughtfully selected to complement Indiana Furniture’s entire portfolio of products, giving complete freedom to create a desired space.

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