Konftel Interactive Room Type Guide

Interactive tool helps navigate the work environment to find the optimal video solutions

The Konftel Room Type Guide is a special interactive room type guide that helps users pinpoint the optimum set-up, and understand the different dynamics of any video meeting scenario. Designed for resellers and their customers, the new tool showcases Konftel’s expanded product portfolio based on collaboration solutions for any room type. The 3D guide identifies the most appropriate products and connectivity set-up, from personal workspaces, focus and huddle rooms, to large multipurpose rooms—based on an overall objective of video enabled meetings.Room Type

Chief Marketing Officer, Stefan Eriksson, explained: “With the hybrid workplace emerging as the new norm, video meetings have become the central resource for collaboration and efficient decision making. This means every meeting space, whether at home or in the corporate office, needs to be equipped for instant, easy-to use, and high quality video conferencing.

There are many complexities to achieve successful and consistent video meetings—from room layout and connectivity to choosing the right technology that is simple and easy to use. Our innovative room guide makes it easy to identify and choose the right equipment for the right rooms. One size definitely doesn’t fit all.”

Eriksson says the Konftel Room Type Guide illustrates the quality, dynamic design, and overall performance of Konftel’s video conferencing range, which includes:

Room Type
Konftel C2070
  • Konftel 70: A versatile speakerphone that blends audio quality with design, Konftel 70 can be a video meeting companion or used as a standalone or even portable solution, for huddle rooms and small/medium locations. Four beamforming digital microphones provide a more focused audio experience with less distracting background noise. Konftel 70 forms the audio centerpiece of two new video kits—the C2070 and C5070—which are part of the company’s entire Climate Neutral certified portfolio.
  • Konftel Personal Video Kit: Designed for desktop users, it includes the Cam10 business webcam and Ego professional speakerphone. Users can create an enhanced visual and audio experience with a 90° viewing angle, full HD video output, and OmniSound® audio performance. With USB plug and play, this portable kit can be used when working from home or in the office.
  • Konftel C50800 Hybrid: A video collaboration solution for medium to very large meeting rooms, the Konftel C50800 Hybrid combines the Cam50 PTZ conference camera and the Konftel 800 conference phone with the Konftel OCC Hub for One Cable Connection.

“Identifying the requirements for each environment and use case is the key to finding the right solution and set-up. The end-goal—video enabled meetings, always and everywhere. Our room type guide is a simple way to navigate the work environment and find the optimal video solutions,” said Eriksson.

He added, “Meeting environments are now hugely varied and continue to diversify in today’s evolving world of hybrid working, spanning both homes and offices. Many companies recognize the need to maintain a workforce that may be much more remote in the future, where conferencing is the new norm. This means they will need to either redesign or re-equip office locations. Large conference rooms with vast glass tables, for example, make for really poor acoustics. Social distancing will need to be assessed too.

To achieve this, the type of video conferencing equipment needs to match each individual room. The type of connectivity, lighting, field of view, audio distance, and overall room design and size need to be considered. Ease of use, reliability, and flexibility all have to combine together. And quality really matters. Audio clarity, picture sharpness, and reduction of background noise—these are all factors which greatly influence the overall impact of any meeting.”


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