Millboard Adds Two Colors To Envello Shadow Line+ Siding

Millboard added two additional colors to its Envello Shadow Line+ siding, which provides a realistic painted natural wood look.


Millboard's Sage Green Envello Shadow Line+ Siding
Millboard’s Sage Green Envello Shadow Line+ Siding

Millboard announced two additional colors to its Envello Shadow Line+ range of siding. Inspired by nature, the new hues provide homeowners with even more options to enhance their outdoor spaces with beautiful, long-lasting siding that are designed to require minimal upkeep.The Salt Blue and Sage Green colors provide a realistic painted natural wood look that is hard wearing and low maintenance to elevate it above the heavier and less aesthetically pleasing fiber cement board options. 

Millboard products are made from wood-free mineral resin composite that contains no recycled plastic but maintains durability, an authentic wood look, and low-maintenance features. The introduction of new colors – Salt Blue and Sage Green – extends the range’s versatility, allowing customers to create unique, stylish, and enduring outdoor environments.

The Benefits of Envello Shadow Line+ include:

  • Advanced Dimensional Stability: Shadow Line+ provides a drastically reduced expansion and contraction rate, ensuring superior stability in various weather conditions, when compared to other siding options. The siding’s innovative design significantly reduces the risk of warping and distortion that is commonly associated with temperature fluctuations.
  • Authentic Wood Aesthetics with Low Maintenance: Shadow Line+ captures the timeless beauty of real wood without the associated high maintenance. Envello is a mineral resin composite that is engineered to stand the test of time.
  • Lab Testing: Shadow Line+ undergoes rigorous testing in reputable UK labs, ensuring that the product meets and exceeds industry standards for quality, durability, and performance.
  • 15 Year Warranty: Shadow Line+ is a suitable choice for long-term projects, as the 15-year Limited Structural warranty makes it an enduring solution for residential and commercial applications.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Shadow Line+ is molded from real timber and each board is individually hand-painted, no project is ever the same.

With the added hues, homeowners can choose from a total of seven colors in the Shadow Line+ range.

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