New Product Flash: Expanded Options For Multi V IV VRF From LG

heat recovery
Shown here is the LG Multi V IV Heat Recovery 460V model.

LG Electronics USA is demonstrating its expanded 2016 lineup of commercial air conditioning offerings heat recoveryat AHR Expo this week. Included in the company’s news from the show is that LG’s Multi V VRF systems are now, compatible with the LG Art CoolTM Gallery 9,000 and 12,000 BTU/h wall mounted indoor units. The Art Cool Gallery is a customizable wall mounted picture frame air conditioner, designed to provide commercial facilities an elevated design aesthetic. The LG Multi V IV VRF system features the highest integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) in heat recovery currently available on the market. The system delivers AHRI-certified efficiency of up to 38.5 IEER. The outdoor unit is also available in heat pump and heat recovery models with capacities ranging from six to 42 tons.

To deliver exceptional performance and design flexibility, the Multi V IV system features High Elevation Piping technology and High Pressure Oil Return (HiPOR™). The Multi V IV Heat Recovery 460V unit shown here is available with five capacity ranges. These include from 72,000 BTU cooling/81,000 BTU heating, up to 168,000 BTU cooling/189,000 BTU heating.