NEW PRODUCT FLASH: VitalSign By 2/90 Sign Systems

2/90 Sign Systems has introduced two new sign offerings to its line of healthcare specialty products. One is VitalSign whose features communicate critical care information to staff and visitors, which helps translate to a positive impact on patient product flash

Facility managers choose from a collection of standard color-coded medical alert messages or customized sliders in any color, symbol, or configuration. The messages are self-contained within 2/90’s modular sign system providing security, durability, and ease of maintenance. Messages can be displayed on one or both sides of the sign. Sign size is determined by the number of messages and the sign graphic needed.

The new VitalSign is available in a virtually endless array of sign options and message configurations. Room identification can be added for ADA compliancy. An erasable writing board with a template for handwritten information can also be incorporated. Facility managers can choose to use a standard template or integrate their organization’s brand in a custom design. Other options include a holder for markers or a SmartStrip to display laminated or paper messages.2/90 signs

VitalSign can be placed at patient bedsides for easy viewing of critical care information at the point of care. Or, the signs can be installed in corridors, with ADA compliant graphics to identify room locations. Window inserts with easily changeable laser-print graphics can be incorporated (as shown here) to promote brand or communicate additional information.

The modular nature of VitalSign provides healthcare facilities the ability to customize signage to fit their needs while maintaining aesthetic consistency throughout a space.