New Product Modernizes Green Industry Marketing

LandscapeCard goes after smartphone homescreens to help green industry companies acquire new business and retain clients.

Green industry marketing is getting a boost with the advent of a new online service called LandscapeCard, designed for individual companies to use with clients and prospects. LandscapeCard is a web-based “virtual desk portal” that is branded to individual green companies that use it so that they can share it with others to pin to their smartphone homescreens.

Green Industry Marketing“Smartphones are ubiquitous – everyone has one, and people who don’t have one soon will,” said Robert Humphries, founder of LandscapeCard. “People take their smartphones everywhere they go and use them to search for things, buy things, and learn things. If that’s the case, then why aren’t more green companies pinned to smartphone homescreens to make it easier for people to do business with them just like Facebook, Bank of America, or Wal-Mart do through their apps?”

However, LandscapeCard is not a mobile app. It is purely web-based which means it works within any web browser. “I came to the realization with my own smartphone that people run out of storage space and often delete mobile apps to make room for something else. By delivering LandscapeCard through the browser, then there is nothing to install, download, or update – every smartphone has a web browser. LandscapeCard works regardless if you are on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. And, it doesn’t matter what operating system someone is using. It just works,” added Humphries.

Green Industry MarketingLandscapeCard provides green company clients and prospects with a “gateway” to doing business, communicating, and gathering knowledge more efficiently. Every LandscapeCard account includes a web-based order form, referral form, customer satisfaction form, multiple discussion channels, and various lawn and garden guides – all managed by the LandscapeCard team while being branded exclusively to the green company that is using it.

“This is ‘next-level’ marketing for green industry pro that makes knocking on doors worth it because prospects don’t have to hire them today,” explained Humphries. “All that that pro has to do is ask people to pin their LandscapeCard Virtual Desk to their smartphone homescreen, and then they are connected like never before. If someone doesn’t hire you today, then LandscapeCard makes it easy for them to hire you tomorrow or next month. It doesn’t matter, but at least you exist on their homescreen so that they have instant access to do business with your company when they are ready to.”

Humphries, previously a co-owner and general manager of two lawn care companies in the Metro-Atlanta area, is an independent website developer who has worked in the online marketing industry for 20 years. LandscapeCard is part of the REALIVISTA family of products which is funded by various investors across the USA.

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