NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Energy Assessments by Carrier

Carrier has introduced Energy Assessment Programs aimed at two facility types—K-12 education and small- to mid-size commercial. While each program is tailored to address the needs of those specific organizational types, the aim is similar no matter which type of facility—to identify and remediate sources of energy waste.service spotlight

Carrier Energy Assessments are performed on-site by trained experts from the company’s energy service operations, which is recognized by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO). Assessments include a site review and analysis of utility bills, operating schedules, and occupancy levels to capture information about the site, which is then modeled to create a detailed, actionable report. Carrier Energy Assessments provide recommendations to reduce energy consumption and create healthier, more productive environments for occupants.

These analyses are conducted to meet ASHRAE Level I Energy Assessment and provide recommendations for easily implemented solutions. Carrier can also conduct more detailed analyses for ASHRAE Level II and III Energy Assessments.