Ambassador Service Enforces Pool Regulations

Planned Companies’ Pool Ambassador program assigns an on-site professional to ensure the safety and cleanliness of public swimming areas during COVID-19

With summer approaching, Planned Companies, a growing real estate services provider—which operates across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, San Francisco, and Southern regions—kicked off its Pool Ambassador service for clients with on-site swimming facilities, including apartments and multi-family condominium complexes. The service provides clients with an on-site professional or professionals who are responsible for enforcing pool regulations. This includes making sure guests are socially distanced and public swimming areas are kept sanitary during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pool Ambassador is available as an add-on service for existing Planned Companies clients or also available to new clients interested in trying out the company’s suite of professional services.

Those who opt-in are assigned an on-site Pool Ambassador who will be stationed part-time or full-time at the property, depending on the property’s needs. The Pool Ambassador will monitor pool capacity and oversee cleaning and disinfection services of the swimming area. The Pool Ambassador also manages the manual log of people who enter the pool area, ensuring that the number of visitors is kept within the permitted capacity.

Planned Companies’ Pool Ambassador program is a response to the current statewide pool regulations in the company’s home state of New Jersey, but the safety concerns echo across all their service markets. Last June, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued an executive order to allow swimming facilities to open, as long as they complied with New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) regulations. Among the rules is the need for each community with an open swimming pool to submit a COVID-19 Pool Operation Prevention Plan (CPOPP) to comply with health department rules. In addition, each pool operator is now strongly recommended to establish an Ambassador on-site role to monitor and encourage social distancing and to communicate with that community’s COVID-19 contact person.pool regulations

“Clients were telling us that this was an area of need for their properties” said Joe Vitorino, Director of Alliance Success at Planned Companies. “Last year, the Governor signed the executive order and properties needed to find a Pool Ambassador very quickly. This year, we have time to plan—especially knowing that the regulations will be similar—and more importantly, the community concerns still exist.”

Vitorino adds that Planned Companies’ clients in other markets—including New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Atlanta, Boston, and Northern California—can also take part in the Pool Ambassador program.

“Even though the regulations differ from state to state, Planned Companies can help clients in every market,” Vitorino says. “We will be able to customize services to meet any state’s requirements and each individual property’s concerns and needs.”

“Our Pool Ambassador program is one more example of how Planned Companies goes above and beyond for our clients,” says Planned Companies CEO Robert Francis. “As the pandemic stretches on, we continue to adapt to best serve our client properties, especially during these crucial and challenging times.”


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