Viakoo Automates Firmware Updates

CFUM provides a comprehensive, enterprise-class solution for device upgrades

The Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM) from Viakoo provides capability across a distributed geography to automatically update firmware on camera devices from one or more vendors. It performs these firmware updates with a chain-of-trust method that ensures integrity of the firmware. This solution adds to other foundational capabilities provided by Viakoo that help organizations achieve sustainable cyber hygiene.firmware updates

Camera devices begin their life with outdated versions of software and, over time, fall further behind. The solution to growing cyber threats that directly target networked IP surveillance cameras has been to update the camera device firmware, yet for many organizations the time and cost of manual upgrades is prohibitive. Additionally, the distributed nature of this infrastructure along with the large number of individual devices make it difficult to find and catalog the them with versions deemed out of date due to bugs and security vulnerabilities. The logistical problems of upgrading devices are compounded by the difficulty of even knowing what is had and whether it needs to be upgraded. CFUM brings new capability to assist integrators and end-users to automate maintaining cameras with the most secure firmware available and can be added to Viakoo Preemptive and Viakoo Predictive subscriptions.

CFUM is designed to be operated from a single management console, and can be performed at any level of a security system hierarchy. Firmware upgrades are accomplished through the three primary interfaces:

  • Compliance: The compliance tab shows the upgrade status for all devices (by percent and count), summarized by make/model of camera device.
  • Upgrade: The upgrade tab reports on the status and progress of firmware update jobs, providing feedback and control over the process
  • Profile: The profile tab is where the firmware versions for updating are managed for compliance definition and chain-of-trust deployment.

firmware updates“Firmware updates often include patches for security issues, and are released on an unpredictable schedule. Installed cameras, and even newly added cameras, may be connected to the network with outdated versions of software and, over time, fall even further behind, creating cyber vulnerabilities,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo. “It has been difficult for many firms to keep up with this changing environment by routinely identifying and cataloging the camera devices and their firmware status. Automating and managing firmware updates can provide assurance that your camera devices are running on the most recent and secure version of camera firmware.”

“For anyone who has many cameras or multiple sites—and particularly for anyone that has an extensive system with cameras from more than one manufacturer—keeping track of the firmware status of those cameras and applying the firmware updates in a timely manner is a real headache,” said Henrik Sydbo Hansen, Group Manager of Devices and Integrations at Milestone.

CFUM provides a platform on which users can:

  1. Define standards of compliant firmware versions for each make and model in their inventory
  2. Assess inventory to its compliance with these manually inputted standards
  3. Test firmware files on representative devices
  4. Schedule batch upgrade jobs
  5. Audit the outcomes and adhere to policies and procedures

As with other Viakoo reporting capabilities, users can choose what level of their operation to report on (site, region, or globally).