Weil-McLain Debuts HVAC Advantage Contractor Loyalty Program

The Weil-McLain Advantage loyalty program enables HVAC business owners, managers, and contractors to stand out in the marketplace.


Weil-McLain's HVAC Advantage Contractor Loyalty Program
Weil-McLain’s HVAC Advantage Contractor Loyalty Program

Weil-McLain launched a customer growth and loyalty program, The Weil-McLain Advantage, that is designed to provide HVAC business owners, managers, and contractors with the status and recognition they deserve, enabling them to stand out in the marketplace.

The Advantage program presents a range of exclusive benefits, empowering contractors to elevate their business operations and bolster their financial success. It comprises three distinct loyalty tiers – Authorized, Pro, and Elite – each reflecting varying degrees of achievement, performance, and status. As members progress through these tiers, they garner escalating levels of recognition, visibility, and access to business incentives and rewards.

Upon registering for the loyalty program, members access the Advantage Contractor portal, a digital platform that streamlines their Weil-McLain business. Key member benefits of The Weil-McLain Advantage include: 

  •       Prominent Status and Recognition: Contractors enrolled in the program receive elevated recognition and visibility in the marketplace with distinguished member badges they can display on their website, as well as placement in the Weil-McLain contractor locator, which can generate numerous homeowner leads. This can enable contractors to set themselves apart from competitors.
  •       Educational Online Resources: Access to a library of on-demand e-learning courses, training videos, and educational resources allows members to expand their team’s heating expertise and stay ahead of industry trends and best practices. Courses range from hydronic fundamentals to advanced boiler training and provide a short quiz and certificate of completion to reward learning engagement.
  •       Apps and Performance Tools: The program offers a selection of contractor-tested and approved apps that accelerate performance, simplify installation and service, streamline quoting, selling, and overall business activities to make day-to-day operations more efficient. Additional digital tools are provided via an online business portal to facilitate tasks and serve customers more effectively.
  •       Tiered Growth and Loyalty Rewards: Through a tiered structure, members can earn rewards, incentives, and market development funds based on their performance and loyalty. 

Member tier levels are determined by boiler registration, contractor performance, and participation in on-demand online courses. Pro and Elite members can receive rebates for installing and registering a pre-determined number of Weil-McLain boilers, which can then be redeemed for rewards. Furthermore, Elite contractors can redeem their rewards for a variety of turnkey marketing growth programs to help them grow and promote their business.

The Weil-McLain Advantage loyalty program is open for enrollment, and contractors are invited to register at www.weil-mclain.com/advantage.

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