Roofinox® Tin-Plated ( Terne )

Roofinox tin-plated (Terne) is tin plated stainless steel specifically developed and manufactured for roll forming and fabricating. The products are produced to ensure long-term durability, sustainability, and corrosion-resistance for roofs (ventilated/non-ventilated, roof flashings), rain ware (e.g., gutters, downspouts), interior design, and most roofing applications.terne

Roofinox tin-plated (Terne) consists of a layer of 100% tin covering (electroplated) a base of either a 439L (normal environment) or 316L (highly corrosive environment) stainless steel. This formulation has proven suitable for roof types that include drainage solutions and accessory pieces. The product is made with approximately 85% recycled stainless steel and is 100% recyclable. It provides corrosion-resistance properties, solderability, and 20% more malleability than comparable stainless steel roofing systems.

Roofinox tin-plated (Terne) will develop an oxide layer—this natural change of the coating layer is called patina. This underlying oxidation process happens over time due to the reaction of oxygen (from air and water) and the material’s tin plating. Ongoing exposure to the elements will cause the product’s surface to develop a matt grey patina finish over time.

terneRoofinox tin-plated (Terne) is a substitute for lead-coated copper, zinc/tin-zinc coated copper, Terne-coated materials, galvalume, and lead. It is available in coil or sheet. Materials may be ordered alone so users can do their own forming, or prefabricated by a Roofinox distributor.

Originally developed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions found in Switzerland and Austria, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) is also suitable for applications ranging from rural, urban, and light industrial areas to historic and commercial sites and extreme coastal environments. It is resistant to algae and roots, can be processed at low temperatures, can be combined with other materials, and offers low thermal expansion.