Rave Guardian Enhancements Increase College Campus Safety

The upgraded Rave Guardian app now integrates with Rave Alert and allows college communities to easily connect through a custom mobile app.

Rave Mobile Safety has introduced updates to its Rave Guardian™ platform to better equip students and staff to communicate vital campus updates. Rave Guardian, a safety app that allows students to stay connected with campus safety officials, faculty, and other students, now integrates into Rave Alert™, allowing higher education institutions access to both offerings in a single platform.

College Campus SafetyRave Guardian has been updated to better reach and engage students on mobile devices since they find email and phone calls to be outdated. Students aren’t interested in Facebook and Twitter, rather they prefer closed messaging apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. In fact, Generation Z students are three times more likely to open a chat message through a push notification. However, in a recent survey of higher education institutions, Rave found only 38% of respondents offer a mobile safety app for their campus communities. The lack of institution-backed app adoption on campus shows the opportunity for colleges to implement innovative technology, like Rave Guardian, to better connect with students.

The new Rave Guardian platform ensures that all tools, from two-way texting features to content directories with information such as specific safety procedures, are united in a single application. Unlike any other communications application available, Rave Guardian provides geo-targeting notifications so campus safety officials can target certain areas of campus with specific alerts. Those alerts are even available when students and faculty may not have cell signals. The app also allows for students to share a live stream of their location with campus safety if they feel they’re in a dangerous situation.

“Since adopting Rave technology, the ability to quickly and accurately share information has made all three of our campuses safer,” said Charles S. DiSalvo, Emergency Manager at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. “We have seen a 22% increase in the use of Rave Guardian, so it’s become integral to how we communicate public safety information.”

With one app to access campus communication tools, resources, and key contacts, colleges don’t have to rely on outdated communication methods to interact and engage with students.

Additional benefits and features in the new version of Rave Guardian include:

  • One platform: In two steps, anyone in your campus community is instantly authenticated and can register. Students can update their Rave Alert profiles and always keep their contact information up-to-date.
  • Content portal: Emergency procedures, shuttle schedules and other key resources can be shared with the campus community in a configurable content library to help them stay safe and informed.
  • Call directory: Enable students and staff to easily find assistance and resources through a call directory of important numbers that can be updated and added to in real time.
  • Routable chats: Two-way communications can now be routed to different departments to ensure they’re only seen by the appropriate officials. In addition, departments can enable custom auto-responses when their offices are closed.
  • Push notifications: Alongside SMS text and email capabilities, push notifications allow schools to provide messages to students and staff even without cell service and capture more attention.
  • App customization: Schools can customize Rave Guardian’s interface and features in real time to create a user experience that will drive more interaction with their community.
  • Emergency call button: With a push of a button, students can either directly connect to 9-1-1 or campus safety in an emergency. Even when they dial 9-1-1 from the app, the school is notified through the incident management console.

“The update to the Rave Guardian platform offers our university and college customers with essential tools to promote safety across their campuses,” said Todd Piett, CEO of Rave Mobile Safety. “These latest features will drive greater adoption by students and will promote more participation with campus safety.”

To see the latest Rave Guardian updates, watch the 1-minute overview video here.


  1. This is just an app. I purchased Ripple Safety last week for my daughter who is off to college.

    There is really no comparison.

    Bob Wilson

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