Interior Solutions Firm dancker Opens Experience Center

Providing architectural, furniture, technology, and logistic solutions, the company redesigned its own workplace to assist clients while also improving the environment for its employees.

Integrated interior solutions firm, dancker, has unveiled an Experience Center within its newly renovated headquarters in Somerville, NJ. Composed of a “palette of places,” the new space features mixed areas to support the work styles of different generations and reflect a broad cultural shift in workplace environments. The Experience Center combines dancker’s architectural, furniture, technology, and logistic solutions and represents a final step in the company’s 2017 brand refresh.interior solutions

“It is a place that inspires creativity, improves collaboration, and helps us co-create meaningful environments with our clients.” says Steven Lang, President & CEO of dancker. Lang continues, “This Experience Center represents who we are, how we work, and ultimately how we can help our clients work better.”

The key drivers of the renovation included: encouraging team-work and productivity with state-of-the-art technology solutions across a variety of settings, optimizing real estate while maximizing team adjacencies, accommodating different work types and styles for optimal employee engagement, and creating an environment that reflects the company’s brand and culture. With more effective and efficient workstations, the amount of dedicated square footage per person was reduced to allow for increased social and collaborative environments.

Lang adds, “Our employees have choice and control over their work environment, with a range of engaging spaces. We have made a major investment in improving our organizational performance and results as well as supporting employee well-being.”

interior solutionsAn emphasis on an agile workplace and a densified floor plan inspired the development of six spatial zones in the new headquarters and Experience Center: resident, nomadic, meeting, social, hospitality, and resource.

While the resident zone reflects traditional “owned” workspaces, the meeting and social areas encourage interaction between team members, whether during a conference call or over a shared lunch. The nomadic and resource zones are an innovative mix of the two, a community space designed for mobility and that supports various work modes and knowledge sharing with an offering of shared amenities and tools. The hospitality spaces are designed to welcome guests and function as a neutral lounge area.

As a primary touch point for creating inspiring and memorable customer experiences, the Experience Center also includes state of the art presentation and collaboration technology, modular construction, demountable wall elements, and the latest in commercial furniture trends.

“Work, today, is more interconnected and complex than ever and a meaningful work environment is critical for navigating this new business world,” says Kevin Klier, senior vice president and general manager at dancker. Klier adds, “Our smart and connected solutions help our clients achieve real business results, and the Experience Center gives them a place to explore options before they invest in their own renovation project.”

From a state-of-the-art board room that provides a superior telepresence experience, to a quiet phone booth space for focused heads down time, the newly renovated Experience Center at dancker offers a variety of settings to engage employees. The resulting environment is an expression of innovation that is reflected in settings and designs that are inspiring, comfortable, and sustainable.

The renovation at Dancker to create the company’s Experience Center, where employees work and customers visit, shifted the configuration of work style spaces. See the Before and After space metrics below.

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(courtesy of Dancker)