QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Remote HVAC Alarm Monitoring

Q. We currently receive remote HVAC alarms into a modem connected to a “dumb” terminal which has a printer attached. Basically, what gets transmitted gets displayed on the screen and printed (like an old tele-type machine). It’s not sophisticated, but it works.

I’m trying to see if we can take this to the next level and capture these alarms electronically. The goal is not only to react to them as they occur, but to report on the alarm data collected. Is there alarm monitoring and collection software out there?

We are a 60 store grocery chain. Paying a service to monitor the alarms is not cost effective, and the SLA side of things is lacking. Our current “system” works and we won’t eliminate any costs by automating this, but I’m not sure what is out there either.

Bruce Bailly
Big Y Foods, Inc
Director of IRT Infrastructure

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  1. You can buy your own monitoring equipment and have your communicator alarm panel call it directly. You can computerize all this stuff, the same as the alarm companies. You need alarm companies due to the liability of the fire and burlary. You should be able to add the temp alarms free to your present alarm monitoring service with special instructions as to who to call. Call you security company and they can set it up for you.

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