Schneider Electric Introduces SpaceLogic RP-V

The SpaceLogic RP-V helps transforms building environment optimization as a new addition to Connected Room Solution.

SpaceLogic RP-V

Schneider Electric announced two new products, SpaceLogic RP-V and Insight Sensor as enhancements to the Connected Room Solution. With this improvement, the solution offers demand-driven ventilation based on the actual occupancy of the space. This people-centric solution provides businesses the ability to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs by controlling a room’s environment by counting people in the space and adjusting airflow and energy usage accordingly. The solution will be available in all global markets that Schneider Electric services.

Occupant comfort in any space is best optimized when the temperature, lighting, occupancy, and humidity are accounted for in the room. Knowing the number of occupants in a room enables proactive conditioning for the space. It is no longer a requirement to wait for temperature or CO2 thresholds to be exceeded to then adjust the conditions. The Connected Room Solution incorporates SpaceLogic RP-V and Insight Sensor to maximize space efficiency through real-time space usage, saving organizations between 10 to 20% on HVAC energy costs and producing comfortable environments for occupants.

The solution utilizes a specialized sensor, designed to work with room level devices like light and blind control. The smart SP90 actuator for intelligent hydronic control and the Insight Sensor work in tandem to level set the temperature, air quality, and atmosphere of a room. Insight Sensor itself is a 6-in-1 sensor that monitors people counting, motion, temperature, humidity, sound levels, and light levels.

With about 90% of people worldwide anticipated to spend most of their time within indoor environments, it’s more imperative than ever before that building owners ensure the health, comfort, and safety of their occupants. Companies can utilize the Connected Room Solution integrated with SpaceLogic RP-V and Insight Sensor as a means of monitoring for acute room level changes, automating room HVAC operations, and more, which helps maintain a healthy room environment and cut energy costs.

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