Restrooms And Plumbing Solutions

This assortment of restrooms and plumbing products offer facility managers smart, clean, and efficient solutions for their buildings.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the August 2022 Issue

This assortment of restrooms and plumbing products offer facility managers smart, clean, and efficient solutions for their buildings.

Gravity Toilets
by Sloan

Sloan’s Gravity Toilets feature a sleek one-piece look that makes maneuvering parts easier for installation while delivering improvements that increase efficiency, aesthetics, and hygiene for a wide range of commercial applications.

gravity toilets by sloanThe tank design features a slightly inverted taper for a modern aesthetic and a raised deck that eliminates rocking. The lid fits on the tank with no overhang. The new design brings water savings, enhanced hygiene, and durability.

Sloan Gravity Toilets achieve a cleaner bowl thanks to Centriflo, Sloan’s dual-delivery bowl technology. By eliminating rim holes, Centriflo helps prevent bacteria and germs from collecting in the bowl, making the toilet much easier to clean. In addition, the bowls come with the option of SloanTec Hydrophobic Glaze, a liquid-repelling glaze that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other germs.

The toilets come in both standard and ADA compliant models, as well as BAA models.

by Kimberly-Clark Professional and GOJO Industries

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ partnered with GOJO Industries to produce Onvation, a smart restroom technology solution that helps facilities meet the diverse challenges of numerous workplaces as they embrace employees returning to the office.

Onvation, a connected software solution, proactively controls and optimizes restroom servicing, provides the intelligence and flexibility needed to improve operational efficiencies, and helps organizations meet sustainability goals.

restrooms and plumbing solutionsThe technology solution monitors, analyzes, and measures information that directly impacts labor efficiencies and staffing levels. Through sensors mounted inside smart dispensers, the Onvation solution monitors restroom traffic as well as supplies of soap, toilet tissue, and hand towels, and then provides real-time data to alert staff when product levels are low and service is needed.

Restrooms with Onvation technology save time and resources, ensuring dispensers are only serviced when needed. Onvation helps facilities to achieve up to 75% fewer visitor complaints and contributes to organizations’ sustainability goals with up to 80% waste reduction.

Washbar Series
by Bradley Corp.

Bradley Corp. introduced the next generation of its award-winning WashBar® series. The extension delivers Bradley’s exclusive clean+rinse+dry functionality along with an edgier profile designed to make a statement in upscale commercial washroom applications.

Designed to enhance all the fundamentals of hand washing, the next generation WashBar combines touch-free soap, water, and dryer. It features a thin, L-shaped design that gives the feel the all-in-one fixture is floating above the sink for an innovative and sleek aesthetic. With only one connection point to the sink, the design provides more open space for easier cleaning while providing a striking design element.

restrooms and plumbing solutionsWater is dispensed at 0.5 GPM although it is also available with an ultra-high efficiency flow rate of 0.35 GPM when water conservation is a necessity. Designed in collaboration with award-winning international design firm platinum design, this new model is ideal for more refined applications that call for a high-class design.

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Smart Occupancy Lights For Restrooms
by Zurn

Zurn introduced Smart Occupancy Lights to provide restroom guests a more efficient experience, while also providing building owners valuable data and insights. These unobtrusive lights, hung on the ceilings above restroom stalls, keep people moving efficiently, especially in high-traffic locations.

restrooms and plumbing solutionsGreen lights represent an open stall; red lights represent an occupied stall. Zurn Smart Occupancy Lights can be installed without modification to the stall’s partition, doors, or latch mechanisms.

A single, 12VDC power supply connects up to 40 Zurn Smart Occupancy Lights. The wireless, battery-free sensors help reduce inaccuracies from latches or locks during installation and usage.

Zurn Smart Occupancy Lights capture valuable traffic data for facilities and janitorial teams to use for cleaning and maintenance. The data can be accessed remotely through the PlumbSmart digital management portal or other building maintenance software. Building owners are beginning to use these insights to design and build more socially distanced restrooms.