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Smart City Designs Earn ASU Sustainability Students Verizon Grants

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Credit: Arizona State University Last fall, Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability teamed up with Verizon to offer a groundbreaking new course — the Smart City and Technology Innovation Challenge. Students spent the semester learning about the latest in smart technologies, brainstorming how they could be applied to cities, and transforming them into business propositions. After reviewing all of the entries, three students’ projects were recently selected to receive grants from Verizon. First Place: PHXflow First-place winner Alex Slaymaker is in her second year in the School of Sustainability’s Master of Sustainability Solutions program and has a passion for eliminating waste. “Cities of the future will view sending waste to the landfill as an outdated inefficiency that hurts their bottom line and reputation,” she said. Slaymaker’s waste-reducing proposition, PHXflow, is a vibrant online waste networking platform created for small- and medium-sized businesses interested in selling, donating, purchasing or exchanging unwanted materials with other businesses in the Phoenix metropolitan area. “Picture a for all different kinds of waste, from wooden crates to leftovers,” Slaymaker explained. In Phoenix alone, enough waste is generated in one year to fill Chase Stadium seven times. Although recovered materials account for one stadium’s capacity, the Brookings Institute estimates that over $500 million worth are exported from the Phoenix metropolitan area each year. Half are sent across the world to Asia, where they are transformed into new products that are sold back to the United States. The remaining six stadiums worth of waste are sent to landfills, even though 50 percent is compostable, 15 percent is recyclable, and 23 percent is recoverable. PHXflow aims to correct this by allowing companies to inject by-products back into the regional supply chain so that others can create wealth from what would otherwise be waste — a matchmaking proposition now backed by a $5,000 grant. Second Place: BetR-block, LLC Christopher Frettoloso, the second-place recipient of $2,000, conceived BetR-block, LLC. BetR-blok, pronounced “better block,” manufactures sustainable, low-cost building materials from recycled paper and other cellulosic materials. The company designed and built low-cost, energy-efficient equipment to pulp, mix and press recycled paper, cardboard,… NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

Verizon Green Project Will Power 19 Company Facilities Across the Country

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Fuel cells, solar systems expected to generate more than 70 million kilowatt hours of electricity—enough to eliminate more than 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.